About Us

We are a club that wants to share the knowledge and power of investment, and how the world is functioning not only to benefit the riches, but everyone.

Market crash, yo-yo economy, stocks rocket, gold rush, technology innovation, oil war, corruption, job crunch, property boom, taxes, trades, construction, manufacturing, inflation, debts, credit cards, education, etc.

The rich remains rich for a reason. If you are affected by any of the above, you are not alone. Retirement gets pushed back year after year, and people are having to come out of retirement to work so that they can go back to retirement.

We believe life should not be lived this way. We all should be working hard, putting in effort and seeing results to early retirement and living life to the fullest. Relying on others to make this happen is very risky and highly not feasible because everyone look after themselves first, and probably only themselves. You have to start looking after yourself.

Imagine not worrying about your retirement, your job, your children, or anything that has to do with money?
Imagine the fund that you have been trying to raise accelerates at a pace faster than any interest rate banks can offer, and is self-managed and flexible.
Imagine this investment not affected by the economy, whether it’s doing good or bad?

Imagine yourself stop imagining.
What would you then be doing?

We are in a trillion dollar business, recession free, immune to economy downturn and crisis, and you should be part of it.

Boon Investment Club may have found a solution to your worries.