What we do

When people mention soccer investment, the first few things that comes to their mind is is probably one of these:

  • become a shareholder of a soccer club (owner or partially own)
  • invest in their stocks
  • investing in the soccer businesses (club, academy, merchandise etc)

Although lucrative, not everyone has the capability and capital to start doing such kind of investments. Here at Boon Investment Club, we believe investments can be done at any level, and not limited to only people of different class. Everyone needs to invest, to make sure that you can keep up with the inflation rate, and also to get ready funds for various reasons (education, retirement, children education, travel, etc).

In an investment, investors look at the value of this certain item. It used to be something physical (think gold and silver), and slowly stock exchange came into the picture. And more products were slowly introduced, paper to paperless, commodities, stocks, bonds, certificate of deposit, funds (ETF, mutual funds, hedge funds), futures, forex, options, probably many more.

Some investments are a little different, if you think Robert Kiyosaki, this is what he believes:

Asset can be anything as long as it has value, produces income or appreciates, and has a ready market. Assets put money IN your pocket.

He believes in investing in assets. And to him, assets are something that provides return. To name a few, things like stock with dividends, properties that allow collection of rents, a business that gives profit (similar to the typical soccer investment mentioned above). Basically anything that have returns in cash, readily to be in your pocket.

All in all, for every dollar invested, you expect it to grow. This growth is the very reason why everyone is investing. And to us, because we started with really low in capital, we believe this method works for everyone and you can start almost instantly.

Are we investing or gambling? 

It is a gamble when the investor does not know what he is doing

Definitely sure that we are investing. For a quick reference, you may refer to this article. We invest in soccer while some gamble in the stock market. We have also been investing in stocks, and while they are deem to be an investment, we came across many people who were just gambling. It is your strategy and your plans. Of course, in investing, there are no hard and fast rule, or else everyone would be making profit (and who would bear the lost?). The general rule of thumb is to buy when something of perceived higher value is low, and sell when the value becomes greater (buy low sell high). However, not all works the same. Here are some examples:

PTX1 Linn co1

You realise that the theory does not apply. Some how the stock keeps going lower and lower, to the point if you were to get in at the first lowest point, you would have lost about 85% of the value on the first stock, and 98% on the second one! This really depends on your appetite, plan and strategies, but this is just to prove it does not always work in any investment. It may be due to natural disaster, change of CEO, dip in sales, and so on. No matter how hard you did your homework, some things can’t be foreseen and this may happen.

In the stock market, its basically a 50-50 at the point you purchase the stock counter. Some people cut their lost or gain, at the targetted price. This strategy secures the gain, and stops themselves from losing further. For example, if the target was set at 10%, which can now be easily done by softwares and online system, you secure your trade.

At Boon Investment Club, we stick to our strategy very closely. We have created a system that allows investment to be profitable, without any additional costs. Learn how to do it yourself, so that you do not have to incur any other costs, such as admin, transaction, commission. This takes a cut from your profit and should be accounted for.

How much can you expect to make (in terms of % ROI)

This really depends. Like any other investments, there are many factors that contribute to the return of investment. This can range from -10% – 40% per investment. As we have mentioned before, the objective here is to profit. If you have a system that works for you and is profitable, that to us is investment. You may also check out our winnings here. Once we have analyse and done our homework, we set a feasible target and calculated our potential to make every investment a profitable one.

How is it different from gambling

Gambling is a one time wager, and this cannot be replicated or continually done. And that is why gambling often leads to losing because the bookmakers have done their sums and calculated the possibility of earning from you.

We also understand that not all investment method suits everyone. Just like how the stock and commodities market didn’t suit us. We probably have a common goal, which is to have enough funds for retirement. We advise anyone to give this a shot, because if it is profitable, why not right?

What happens during a gamble is people will choose the possibilities of an outcome, some easy to understand, some slightly more complicated. However this cannot be done again and again over time. Either you have an algorithm or strategy that works in your favour so that your investment gets a profitable return, else over time, you are basically seeking for the fun of gambling. So in the short term, you may be profiting from choosing a possible outcome of a fixture, which is the nature of a wager. Else, in the long term, you are going to profit, which is what we are looking at. Many do not look at this type of investment as an investment, because they do not see the profitable strategy behind this. We do.
Oh and yes, the ROI is far greater than many other types of investment.

Why don’t we just invest in any other market? 

investment market

We had. And this requires a huge capital to start making reasonable profit. Basically what happen to us, and possibly many others are these.

  • You have no idea when the particular stock is going to rise, you just keep holding.
  • The fees incurred from setting up an account, to every transactions you made, be it buying or selling (that eats into your profit).
  • You locked your funds on something. In times of emergency, you are going to sell (transaction fee), do not care if you are profiting, but has to let go (usually lower than the market price so that someone will buy).
  • Many theories get involve, and even so it doesn’t work. From technical analysis to price value analysis, it is an open book, the entire market can do the same. Unless you have some insider news (which is for-bided and against the law), you are depending on luck to profit.
  • The return of investment is usually low. Even when you are sitting on the profit, you always wait for more. You don’t know when you should sell, and may end up in a loss.
  • You are playing with the big players. You either ride along with them, or die alone.
  • The market crashes, and you have no idea when. It can be any moment. This has been happening over the course in history. If you have the cash, wait until the next crash. Else its never at its really lowest value.
  • Basically the legalised form of betting. Betting that the price of a certain item will continue to raise, at different time, all the time. Once someone is convinced, they buy into it.

Watching the market as part of what we do, we no longer buy into it. Reports have been saying that millionaires are made everyday, but surely, it’s on someone else’s loss. No investment is profitable without someone losing. So before putting your money there, think again. Of course, we are happy if it works for you. But for the many other, you may want to start looking for alternative. In our case, we recommend soccer.

No betting involved, we promise. Knowing the method brings you to a whole new level of profitable investment.

We want to empower people the knowledge to wealth.
Our philosophy is simple. We only want to maximise profit and risk less.

You can start by checking our winnings here.